We LOVE kombucha, but we were always the odd ones out. Mates looked at us sideways when we offered them. Kombu-hu? They loved the idea (gut healthy, low sugar) but not always the taste (vinegary puckery).

So we decided to make one that everyone would like. 

Something delicious and refreshing but with that quirky kombucha taste. 

But how?

Then the answer dropped out of the sky.  Boink.  Ouch!  Apples.

Apples. Of course. Everyone loves apples! So we used them as our base, instead of tea, fermenting them in the Kombucha way, and then adding grown up flavours like bitters and rhubarb.

And it worked a blimmin’ treat.  All the freaky goodness of Kombucha, in an approachable, refreshing soda. 

ODD Pop is our first creation.  A zingy little number for on-the-go odd bods like us.

Watch this space, because we’ve got loads more strange and wonderful Kombucha ideas up our sleeves.

We hope you enjoy your ODD Pop… and please share you tales of oddness with us … @ODDDRINKS