Why are kombucha and probiotics good for gut health and energy?

With Google searches for gut health, kombucha and probiotics more than tripling in the past three years, it's safe to say this wellness trend has exploded in the UK and is here to stay. 

But what does it actually mean to have good gut health? And how can Odd kombucha soda help boost your energy and encourage healthy gut bacteria into your system? 

So, why is kombucha good for gut health?

A healthy gut comprises a diverse range of good bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which help the body absorb essential minerals and vitamins, digest food more effectively, and regulate our mental and physical health. 

Drinking kombucha is a great way to help keep your gut in tip top condition, boost your energy levels and live a healthier life. And here’s a few reasons why…. 

It's a probiotic wonder!

Probiotics are foods that contain live bacteria that can be beneficial to us; these include fermented foods such as Kimchi, sauerkraut and our favourite - Kombucha! 

Odd Kombucha is a probiotic soda made using a scoby - symbiotic culture of bacteria, yeasts – that gets the fermentation going to create the live bacteria present in kombucha. Not only can its probiotic qualities help support the gut microbiome, but its refreshingly tart taste and naturally fizzy nature and oddly refreshing taste will give you that afternoon pick-me-up you've been craving for all week. 

No added sugars

We all know that highly processed food and drinks full of artificial sweeteners and added sugars aren't good for us, and they also wreak havoc on our gut. It’s a no brainer that reducing sugar intake is a good thing to do.

Our Odd Kombucha soda is naturally low in sugar; our apple base means we don’t have to add any sugar to get the fermentation going, the juicy natural fructose does that for us so the end result is a natural, low sugar, tasty refreshing goodness. Clever right?!

Pour over ice and garnish with a slice of apple for a guilt-free drink when you choose not to drink alcohol, or enjoy straight from the can if you just can’t wait to enjoy the refreshingly odd deliciousness. 

Feed your gut microbiome

Feeding your gut microbiome with 30+ plants a week will significantly increase the diversity of bacteria living in your gut microbiome. In addition, packing in a range of fruits, veggies, beans & pulses, whole grains, nuts & seeds, and herbs & spices has been scientifically proven to support the guts barrier by providing an array of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. So not only will your meals taste great, but they will give you those Instagramable dinners of dreams. To really top it off, serve with a can of Odd Kombucha soda for an energy boosting lift full of gut goodness – now that’s an easy gut health hack!

To read more about what makes our kombuchas so oddly appeeling, and for more gut health hacks, head to our shop here for more info.