Welcome to the wonderful world of odd drinks!

Three slightly odd friends, Sarah, Miranda and Hannah, discovered kombucha whilst searching for an alternative to alcohol. This surprisingly refreshing, wonderfully odd-tasting fermented beverage tasted great and it got us to talking. So we decided to do some research.

We discovered there were a few kombuchas on the market. But most of them were aimed at the health & wellness space, filling the fridges of Whole Foods and stores of that ilk. Very few were in convenient locations or bars, where we wanted it most.

It felt like we were onto something.

Adult drinkers were definitely starting to discover both alcohol and alcohol-free Kombucha as an alternative to well established drinks like none alcoholic gin. A few brands were flirting with the alcohol-free space in the on-trade as wine or fizz alternatives but none had gone for it properly. As usual, the Americans were a few steps ahead of us. There, Hard Kombucha is the fastest growing after hard seltzer. And even start stealing share from beer, cider and other simple cocktails such as Gin & Tonic.

The research looked promising. So, with our backgrounds and passions in making drinks, marketing and brands, we started to get a little giddy about both hard and soft Kombucha.

Why call ourselves Odd?

Because Kombucha is weird. It’s fermented, and sprouts live bacteria out of a slimy sponge called a Scoby. And it tastes quite unlike anything else. We know there are going to be barriers to trying it, people are going to think it’s a bit odd. So we’ve decided to own that fact.

C’mon then, let’s get Odd.


The secret to our delicious oddness is the humble, loveable apple. Everyone loves apples, so we decided to use them as the base for our first range of Odd drinks. That’s actually quite different for Kombucha which is normally made from kombucha tea and has caffeine in it. We figured apples are good for you and the environment, they allowed us to do something tasty, that wasn’t too crazy, while still keeping that Kombucha grown-up flavour.

Our first releases are called ODD POP and are a range of apple sodas. They are naturally fermented, lightly sparkling and full of flavour. Refreshingly Zingy, Tart and Firey. All Natural, Low calorie, No added sugar and gut friendly. Phew! So hopefully, whether you’re swapping out your San Pellegrino at lunch or looking for a grown-up drink that’s tastier than a none-alcoholic gin, we hope that you enjoy Oddpop.

Refreshingly good for you & quite unlike anything else. Thanks for joining us on our Odd Adventure. Cheers!